The documentary series “If Not For Them” is introducing our logo!

“The logo captures the essence of the docuseries – thanking ‘Them,’ the leaders in women’s basketball who built the foundation,” explains Brenda VanLengen, Executive Producer. “If Not for THEM, girls and women would not have the opportunities they do today. The docuseries will highlight the stories of those that broke barriers, changed social norms and pointed the way to the future and will connect those stories directly to the headlines of today.”

“If Not For Them” is the true story, as told by the legends themselves, of those that paved the way for the launch of NCAA women’s basketball, skyrocketing sports participation for girls, professional women’s basketball, television exposure, sponsorship investment and Olympic competition domination.

The logo will be featured in the docuseries, on and throughout the line of merchandise that will be available soon.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful! I played with the Flying Queens from 56-60, and loved every minute of it. My life has never had more meaning than when I was on the court moving full-speed with my mind, body and emotions working at full capacity under stressful conditions. I still remember almost every minute of the game that we lost after 131 straight wins, and I will never forget my unique teammates, my coach, Harley Redin, and our sponsors Claude and Wilda Hutcherson. It is not often you get to spend four years with such good, decent, and talented people. I feel so blessed, and am so thankful that Brenda VanLengen has undertaken this project. Many thanks to all of you who are supporting this documentary.

  2. Thank you, Patsy Neal, for your kind words about this project and for all you did to pave the way for girls’ and women’s basketball. Your time with the Flying Queens was remarkable and you impacted so many coaches and athletes with the books you wrote to help grow the game. Thank you for all you have done for women who may never know your name. We hope many more of them will know of you and your generation after this docuseries!

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