The Past Uncovered

We have uncovered many great historical facts and entertaining stories as we interview the legends of the game. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the stories.

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Brenda VanLengen High School Photo

Brenda VanLengen – Why?

Andraya Carter and Brenda VanLengen discuss WHY Brenda chose to begin this documentary series honoring those that built college women’s basketball.

AIAW and Title IX

Andraya Carter and Brenda VanLengen discuss the strong women of the 1970s that formed their own organization, the AIAW, for women’s athletics and the programs that won the AIAW Championships. Learn more at

Strong Black Women

Andraya Carter and Brenda VanLengen talk about two of the black women leaders in college women’s basketball that will be featured in “If Not For Them” — C. Vivian Stringer and Marian Washington. There are others we will be highlighting, too. Stay tuned. Learn more at

If Not for Them…