DALLAS – Executive Producer Brenda VanLengen hosted an “If Not For Them” Sneak Preview event in connection with the NCAA Division I Women’s Final Four in Dallas, Texas. The hour-long sneak preview included clips of each episode and provided a glimpse of the story arc of the groundbreaking docuseries. Many of the trailblazers interviewed for the series were in attendance, including Jody Conradt, Sonja Hogg, Marsha Sharp, Bessie Stockard and Marian Washington who spoke on a panel following the showing. 

“If Not For Them” is an epic story of the forgotten women who changed the world through the love of their sport. As women battled for equal opportunities in society in the 1970s, those who had experience playing sports through the 1950s and 60s were uniquely positioned to break down barriers and provide leadership in that critical time. This is the story of those women – the forgotten women who changed the world through the love of their sport.

“The “Hidden Figures” of women’s basketball history are the reason we have what we do today in women’s sports – rising attendance numbers, record television rankings, stadiums being built for professional women’s sports teams and high participation numbers in girls and women’s sports, not just basketball,” said Brenda VanLengen, Executive Producer. “There are still areas of concern and room for improvement as we celebrate fifty years of Title IX. In looking forward to the next fifty, it’s important to reflect on whose shoulder we stand and understand how we got here.”

VanLengen, a veteran women’s basketball broadcaster, is leading the “If Not For Them” documentary project with advisement from a diverse team of women’s basketball enthusiasts. VanLengen has announced over 1,200 women’s basketball games on ESPN, Fox Sports and other networks throughout her 28-year broadcasting career.

“If Not For Them” is a non-profit endeavor through the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and Do Good Productions so all donations to the production are tax deductible. For more information, please visit: ifnotforthem.com/join-the-team/


“If Not For Them” seeks to explore the history of women’s basketball through the eyes of the players, coaches and administrators of the AAU, CIAW, AIAW, NCAA and other organizations. Brenda VanLengen, who is a former NCAA Division I basketball coach turned Emmy Award-winning broadcaster, and the documentary team have already completed several vital trips gathering stories from across the country. The final product will be a multi-episode docuseries tracing the sport from the early days in Iowa high schools to the passage of Title IX and beyond.

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  1. I played fastpitch softball from the age of 12 to 52 which would be from 1959 to 1999. I played on teams that traveled and we did not have support from any communities or businesses which means we had to depend on raising money or using our own money to pay for traveling and lodging. I would have to say our dedication to our sport paved a way for future softball players. I see teams today getting sponsors to raise money and a lot of support from their parents and communities. Oh how I wish I could play today.

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