Joan Crawford and Dixie Woodall were teammates for two years for the vaunted Nashville Business College program 60 years ago, but they are friends for life and both have had a great influence on women’s basketball. 

Crawford was named AAU All-American 13 times and guided Nashville Business College to 10 national championships. She represented the United States in numerous international competitions and is considered by many to be one of the best to play the game. 

Dixie Woodall was an outstanding softball pitcher in addition to her prowess on the basketball court. She won a national title with NBC then took her talents to the Raytown Piperettes where she played for the first woman to coach a US Team in international competition, Alberta Cox. Woodall went on to coach Seminole Junior College to a National Championship in 1976, then had a successful stint at Oral Roberts University. The players who played for her loved her and over 20 showed up from around the country to surprise her and celebrate her after her interview. 

For those that would like to have their names displayed on the If Not For Them website and included in the credits of the documentary series, you can Join the Team.

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  1. This lady could pitch a softball.
    I tried to hit against she
    & Joan Joyce.
    In the ASA
    Conn. I did
    Not touch the ball.
    They were the

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